Do not lose yourself: business communication rules

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In a strange house and in an unfamiliar country, it is uncomfortable. Every now and then you are afraid to commit an oversight. What is called customs is the forefront, and with them it is not familiar.

For his small years, Kostya changed several places of work. Not because it was a conflict person – the situation in the market has changed rapidly. At first, a classmate seduced him with an editorial in a publishing house, which he himself led. This seemed unheard of luck – the relationship is good, a favorable technique is ensured. At first it turned out. Family feasts, general weekend.

But the matter began to grunt imperceptibly. They did not even notice how they moved from the publication of books to the manufacture of brochures, then – icons for festivals and conferences.

The next work of family familiarity was no longer there, Although the style is democratic. With a chef, a man under fifty, everyone was on “you”. He worked and besieged, and dismissed in a low voice, as if he had invited tea. Then the company was more serious, and relations in it were more severe, hierarchical. This regulation, however, was paid above.

And all would be nothing. But then fate lifted Kostya to the post of head of the department of a large company. People came with their experience, including with the style of communication accepted at their previous work. All three business manners he knew was here. However, he himself has now become the legislator. Whatever format, choose the secret ridicule of some, the embarrassment of others, the

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misunderstanding of the others cannot be avoided. How to be?