Choosing a Turkish Company Name

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Turkish company names may be stated in any language. There are several factors to consider when you are choosing and registering the name of your new Turkish company. The Turkish Commercial Code lays out the basic rules for selecting a company name. The Code requires that Turkish company names are made up of three parts:

1.   Name – This is the element of your Turkish company name which you have most control over. Some key restrictions and requirements include:

  • The name cannot be misleading.
  • The name cannot create the wrong impression about the company’s owner, scope, importance, or financial status.
  • The company name cannot contradict public order, morals or the national interest, nor cause harm to cultural and historical values.
  • Using the words “Turkish”, “Turk”, “republic” or “national” require specific consent from the Turkish Council of Ministers. However, using “Turkey” is permitted.
  • The names or abbreviations of third-party institutions and organizations may only be included in a Turkish company’s name if the relevant entity is a shareholder or owner of the Turkish company.
  • After a name is withdrawn from the Turkish company registry, it cannot be re-used for five years.
  • To include a country in the Turkish company’s name (for example, “India” or “Lebanon”), you must supply consent for use of this country name from that country’s relevant national authority.
  • The company name element may be any language, so long as the subject and company type are in Turkish.

2.   Subject –This is essentially the industry that your company will operate within. For example, “Health” or “Trade”. The company subject element of the overall name is always stated in Turkish, even if the name element (above) is stated in some other language.

3.   Company type – For example, “Limited Şirketi” or “Anonim Şirketi” (roughly equivalent respectively to private limited company and public limited company in other jurisdictions). The company type element of the overall name is always stated in Turkish, even if the name element (above) is stated in some other language.

 The combined company name and subject (parts one and two) must be unique and not already registered with the Turkish company registry. However, the company name (the first part) may be the same as other existing company registrations, if the company subject (the second part) is different.

It is possible to check existing registered Turkish company names to ensure that the name you are thinking of using for your Turkish company will have the best chances of successful registration. Please contact us to discuss the name you are think about for your new company and how the rules above will apply to you.